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Dominations: Dynasties

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Dynasties is an expansion for Dominations: Road to Civilization that gives you access to powerful leaders who will help you shape your nation. This expansion adds a draft and collection mechanic to the game.

In Dynasties, you will ally yourself with your people's most prominent families and use their skills to make your civilization even more powerful. There are 6 Dynasties, each major family associated with one of the Domains of Knowledge.

At the beginning of each Age, you will get a hand of Dynasty cards through a draft mechanic. You can then play one of these cards during your turn, if you wish. Each of these cards represents a family member of a particular dynasty - an individual of great prowess who will lend you his or her help in leading your nation to glory! These cards trigger powerful effects that can generate resources, victory points, (sometimes both!) and other effects. In addition, the order in which you play these cards during the game is important, as it represents the dynasty that will rule your people through the ages, and you earn extra points by collecting sets!



This box contains:

- 54 Dynasty cards
- 4 Dynasty boards
- 24 Mastery cards
- 2 Objective cards