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Dominations: Hegemon

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The Hegemon expansion brings two new mechanics to your games of  Dominations: Hegemon tiles and Omen cards!

In this expansion, you will struggle to impress the all-powerful Hegemon - who will set new objectives for you at each age. You'll also have to deal with Omens: portents that can be good or bad and will change the game conditions during play...

First up are the Hegemon tiles. These tiles are essentially a new system of common objectives that replace the game's regular Objective cards. When playing with Hegemon tiles, players will not draw a personal Objective card at the start of the game as they normally would. Instead, they will all try to meet the demands of the Hegemon, which can vary greatly between each Age. Players will then compete for the majority on each objective dictated by the tiles to earn extra victory points at the end of the Age!

This new Objective system brings a whole new dynamic to the game, making it both more interactive and encouraging players to adjust their strategy during the game to earn extra points (or at least prevent other players from scoring them), or focus on their original plan!

The Hegemon expansion also introduces Omen cards into the game. Will these omens bring hope or despair to your nation?

This 48-card deck (24 different Omens in 2 copies each) comes into play each time a player closes a Locus (a wheel of 6 terrain tiles).

These omens bring additional conditions to the game, which can be good (like bringing you extra resources or extra actions) or bad (making you lose resources or destroying your cities).

These two modules can of course be played separately, or both at the same time. Either way, they give the game a very different feel, making it much more challenging with constantly changing conditions!


This box contains:

- 14 Hegemon Tiles

- 44 Omen Cards

- 1 Domination Card