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Dominations: Silk Road

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With the Silk Road expansion for Dominations: Road to Civilization, you can build great roads that allow knowledge and wealth to flow freely!

In Silk Road, players will be able to extend the reach of their Cities by building trade routes between them.

As an additional action during their Build phase, before building a City, players may pay 3 Resources to build a Trade Route to or from a City they control. This Trade Route will be represented by a punchboard ring placed around your City. Each of these rings has two branches, which allow that City to be connected to two other Cities. This means that each City can only be linked in two directions, creating a road-like chain!

Trade Routes provide many benefits during the game, and can be worth many points. As the game progresses, more Cities will be available on the map and the potential of your Trade Routes grows. However, your Trade Route does not belong to you alone - in the spirit of trade, all players can connect to it and earn points, provided they have the necessary resources!

The expansion also contains new Mastery cards that use the Trade Route mechanic to help generate new resources, victory points, influence and more!


This box contains:

- 40 Trade Route tiles
- 1 Grand Bazaar Monument card
- 1 Grand Bazaar standee
- 5 level cards of the Grand Bazaar
- 3 Dynasty cards (compatible with the Dynasties expansion)
- 4 Omen cards (compatible with the Hegemon expansion)
- 1 Hegemon tile (compatible with the Hegemon expansion)
- 3 Province tiles and cards (compatible with the Provinces expansion)
- 24 Mastery cards