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Are you at the right place ?


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Titan is an expert resource management and network building game, in which you play as an employee of Stardill, an interstellar mining corporation. You have been sent to Titan, Saturn's largest moon, to build your mining network, extract resources and collect credits.

The impressive 3D board represents the giant mining crater on Titan's surface. During the game, you will build your mining network through the different levels of the crater to extract as many resources as possible!

Titan is an expert Eurogame for 2-4 players designed by Matthieu Podevin and illustrated by Loïc Muzy.

With fluid mechanics, fast turns and strong interaction between players, Titan is about adapting your strategy to the opportunities that arise during the game. When players' territories start to overlap, you'll have to figure out the best way to take advantage of your fellow miner's actions!


This box contains:

1 3D game board

1 Objective board

32 Objective tiles

20 Planetary Order tiles

8 Large Planetary Order tiles

1 Drone Objective board

10 Drone Objective tiles

6 storage boxes

1 Credit board

4 Hold boards

4 Shuttle boards

4 Player Bases

30 Rigs

100 Pipes

16 Drones

1 1st player figurine

36 Deposit tokens

64 Control tokens

4 Score tokens

1 1st player token

13 Operator cards

8 Ice tiles

8 Rock tiles

1 Turbo Token

1 Bunker token

340 Resource cubes